Queen of England Slaps Dalai Lama

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A major diplomatic incident happened yesterday at Buckingham Palace during an encounter between the Queen of England, Her Highness Elizabeth II and the religious leader and symbolic figure of the people, his Holyness Tensin Gyatso, fourtheenth incarcantion of the Dalai Lama.

The incident took place after a clumsy attempt at compliment from the tibetan leader who reportedly told her Highness that she was “quite a sexy bitch for her age”. The reaction of the Queen was instantaneous as she violently hit the Holy Man, screaming: “No one speaks of the Queen’s age! Is that clear?”

Her Majesty then retreated to her quarters and asked the security personnel to see to the properly eviction of the Tibetan delegation. There has been no further declaration from the Royal family concerning the incident except a brief statement declaring that it was a deplorable incident.

The Dalai Lama and the tibetan delegation rapidly left the United Kindgdom for India, just a few hours after the incident.