Donald Trump’s Oval Office Photo Highlights the Lack of Diversity in the White House

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It’s been a rough Black History Month for President Donald Trump. First, Trump spoke about African American abolitionist Frederick Douglass as if the man was still alive (he died in 1895).
But a tweet on February 16 from Trump proves that he still has a long away to go before he can improve relations with people of color.
The tweet included Trump’s signature hashtag #MakeAmericanGreatAgain, and a Oval Office photo of some of his prominent staff members.

However, something was clearly missing from the photo that Trump suggested fits his ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan.

All of the people in the Oval Office photo are white.
In addition to Trump, the photo included 11 white men — most of them being old — and one white woman.
People on Twitter criticized the Oval Office photo and called it out for it’s obvious lack of diversity. Some people even said that a more appropriate slogan for the photo should be ‘Make America White Again.’

The photo is not the first time that Republicans have been called out for a lack of diversity. Over the summer, House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted a selfie with his interns — all of them were White. And after the election, Vice President Mike Pence tweeted a selfie with the All-White Republican Congressional caucus.
Although this Congress is the most racially diverse in U.S. history, we still have a long way to go before achieving true racial equality when it comes to our elected leaders.

(H/T: Uproxx)