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10 Sexiest Celebrity Men in Skirts!

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We, as women, often feel jealous of men’s legs. They do seem to have the better deal and they don’t have to work for it at all. They just naturally have slim, muscular legs and we just think it’s not fair. However, when they wear skirts, we have no complaints. Who said skirts are just for women. Men can wear skirts too, and actually look freaking amazing in them.

1. Vin Diesel, MTV awards in Edinburgh 2003
Who knew Vin Diesel would look so good in a skirt? I mean, technically it’s a kilt he wore because he was in Scotland, but hey, it’s all leather and badass and Vin Diesel just looks like he’s having a lot of fun with it.

2. Brad Pitt, Troy
We don’t really know what to call this “skirt”. It’s part of his costume for Troy, and obviously that’s what men wore at the time. But doesn’t he just look amazing? Look at those legs, ladies. Don’t you wish your legs were that thin and fit?

3. Ewan McGregor
Ewan is no stranger to kilts. He is Scottish after all. He’s been seen wearing a kilt many a time. All sorts of red carpet events in Britain and whenever he just feels like showing pride in his country. But look how freaking cool he looks in this one. Paired with a leather jacket and some leather boots, he looks like he’s ready to rock the place.